Congress website hacked

Congress website hacked, Sonia Gandhi's profile defaced

The official website of Congress was hacked yesterday, and the profile of President of the party, Sonia Gandhi was defaced with hackers placing sexual innuendo and other content on the webpage. The site is up and running again, but hackers ensured that Sonia Gandhi wouldn’t have a stress-free day on her birthday, at least. The time of the attack isn’t clear either and as reported by Reuters, none of the Congress party leaders have been available for comment.

The official website of Congress wasn’t available for public viewing around noon on Friday, which means that the website was most probably hacked a couple of hours, earlier.
The whole social networking fiasco about offensive content from Facebook, Twitter and Google might have a role to play in this hack, as users all over the world have complained and criticized the stringent censorship rules. Also, Reuters states that Kapil Sibal had spoken to a few executives about six weeks ago, showing them a Facebook page on Gandhi that was unacceptable.

In this hullabaloo one thing is for sure, Internet and webpage security for Government sites in this country is definitely a big farce.