Hoodia Products

Hoodia Products Screened for Legal Sourcing

Hoodia Gordonii, the very popular and effective weight loss supplement is gaining public awareness here in the US and abroad. The demand is high because it is really the only weight loss supplement that works. It's availability in some countries is limited by Customs regulations and a misunderstanding of these regulations that pertain to the selling of a substance that is derived from a potentially endangered species.

What some countries are concerned about, is that the Hoodia coming into their county, is legitimately grown under license and legally sourced. Some countries, Austrailia for example, may not allow Hoodia to be shipped to it's citizens unless accompanied by a copy of a legal form called a CITES and/or a Seller's Permit. These certificates are given to all exporters of legally grown Hoodia Gordonii from South Africa. If a supplier of Hoodia does not have these documents then they are not selling Certified Hoodia Gordonii and in some rare cases, their shipments will not pass Customs.

Hoodia Gordonii has been used by the Bushman Tribes for centuries for use as a food and source of water on long hunting trips. It has shown to be effective as an appetite suppresssant when consumed. The portion of the plant that contains the active molecule to suppress hunger is the core of the stems of the plant. This material is dried, powdered and made into tablets or capsules for consumption as a weight loss aid and appetite suppressant. But as unregulated harvesting and sale of of the wild grown Hoodia will endager it as a species, certain laws are in place to prevent this.

The cultivation, collecting and the selling of Hoodia Gordonii is regulated by the South African Government so as not to endanger the species that grows in the wild. As it is illegal to collect and sell wild grown Hoodia Gordonii, some countries are watching for Hoodia going though Customs. In some cases Hoodia has been confiscated going though Customs, especially if there is no proof of it's origins or proof that it was legally sourced and sold under CITES. 

Wholesaler for the new label, Hoodia Diet Sense, says that all her shipments are accompanied by a copy of the Certificate of Quality Control as well as a copy of the Seller's Permit and CITES. This insures that her packages have the best chance of getting though Customs. If there is any question of the legal sourcing of Hoodia Gordonii products, it can be easily answered with this documentation. 

For the customer it provides them with assurance that they are not buying illegally sourced Hoodia. Also, they will know that the Hoodia they are buying is authentic and pure. "Even though these documents are not required for shipments within the USA, I provide them anyway. Hoodia suppliers must regulate themselves or be subject to regulation by outside sources".