5 Simple Android apps for money management

So hard to earn, so easy to spend, most of us are familiar with this saying. Keeping track of all the moolah that we spend over a week or a month is a tedious task, especially when following a budget or saving for a rainy day. If you are an Android user, your phone is capable of serving as a complete money manager that will keep track of how much you spend and remind you about oustanding bills. Mobile money managers are quite handy and you can keep updating them even on-the-go. We have listed out 5 money management apps for Android users, which are quite simple to use.

Moneywise – FreeINR358.37
This is a simple and easy-to-use app with an intuitive interface and a set of features that can be used by novice users. It supports multiple accounts, budgets and budget types, allowing quick additions and deductions from the accounts. You can tag income and expenditure on various heads. It also lets you view the complete budget for a day, week or month in a single view. It creates some detailed graphs for your better understanding, and works offline without the need for an Internet connection. You can convert transactions in different currencies, and lock down the app so that there is no unauthorized access to it. The free Moneywise app is loaded with features, but those who strive for more can download the paid version too.
Track your spending on Money Lover

Money Lover – FreeINR276.68
True to its name, this app loves your money. This is another simple way to manage all that hard earned crisp green. This application helps you budget your income and keep track of each rupee you spend. It lets you add all the financial details ranging from salary to travel expenses and more. The app alerts users about their debts, transactions and so on. With support for multiple currencies and languages, this application lets you customize categories for income and expenses. With a neat UI and user-friendly features, this is a cool expense tracker for everyone. 

Bill Tracker and Reminder – FreeINR87.42
Bills make a considerable part of our monthly incomes. If you are often boggled over maintaining and tracking all your monthly and yearly bills, then the Bill Tracker and Reminder comes to your rescue. It is a great way to help manage your bills and obviously keep track of the money you are spending. This lets you spend frugally and set aside money for the bills right at the beginning of the month. The reminder feature will also save you the fine that is sometimes levied for late payment of bills. It will tell you when your bills are due, and keep track and set reminders for multiple bills. You can view the bill history as well. The app is available both free of cost and as a paid version. 

Set your monthly budget

Easy Money – TrialINR550.35
This app serves as an easy tool for managing your personal finance. It gives a clear view of your day-to-day expenditure. It is quick at managing your daily expenses with a simple and intuitive interface. Graphs and interactive reports make it simpler to analyze the income, cash flow, expenses and balance. You can create several budget-specific accounts and monitor them effortlessly. Moreover, it comes with a handy bill reminder that notifies you about upcoming and overdue bills. With multiple currency support, the app can be locked with a security pin. Users can lay their hands on the 30-day trial version, but will have to cough out some moolah for the full version. 

Monthly Budget - Free
This mobile money management tool is good for personal money management as well as family budget tracking. It serves as a quick and simple cash organizer by tracing your income and expenses. The interface is neat and simple. Each posted transaction is easy to find in the income and expense log. It stores the history of all expenses. You can extract the overall expenses for the month. Moreover, it adds the ability to track and manage bills. You can set a specific budget for the month, and the app will keep track of how much you are spending. Like some of the previous apps, this one also makes analyzing the budget easy with graphical representation. A 4-pin password will ensure that there are no intruders in your financial plans. 

Do share your feedback about these apps and suggest other apps that you’ve been using for managing you money.