CM Strom Quick Fire Pro gaming keyboard

Quick Fire Pro will be offered in Blue, Black, Brown and Red Cherry switches
Cooler Master, one of the leading thermal solutions provider in the industry, and manufacturer of high-end component and gaming peripherals, today announced its new mechanical gaming keyboard, the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro. The keyboard makes use of mechanical switches from Cherry, which is rated for over 50 million key presses. The Quick Fire Pro is loaded to the hilt with new and exciting features and is a step up from the Quick Fire Rapid version, which brings some great features for gaming enthusiasts.

The grooves on the underside of the keyboard help organize the cable properly.

Similar to the other Cooler Master gaming keyboards, Quick Fire Pro will be offered in Blue, Black, Brown and Red Cherry switches. So one can choose between linear feedback and strong resistance depending on one's preference. Cherry keys are rated for over 50 million keystrokes, and can take some serious abuse in extreme gaming conditions. Cherry Switches are known to be the best in the business and make up the core of CM Storm Mechanical Gaming Keyboards. The Quick Fire Pro features a high-grade braided cable ensuring that the keyboard and the connected peripherals maintain a strong link with the PC. So you focus on the game and the keyboard does the rest of the hard work.

The keyboard features clean and sleek aesthetics — each key cap is laser-marked and has a non-glossy coating to improve the overall tactile response. In the Game mode, the Windows key is internally disabled so that you no longer face a situation where you accidentally minimize the game. The keyboard offers fast response time, and is suitable for playing any game or genre with its capability of 1ms response time in USB mode.  

With N-key rollover, gamers can press any number of key combinations to deliver a devastating spell or unleash a hail of bullets in the game. This has been made possible in both USB as well as PS/2 mode. The keyboard is also laced with red LED lighting on commonly used keys such as the WASD and Arrow key cluster. There are three lighting modes to choose from. It is also possible to switch off the lighting altogether. The grooves on the underside of the keyboard help organize the cable properly and the cable can be removed completely for easy stowage and transportation.
A few months back, we reviewed the highly tactile gaming keyboard, the Cooler Master Triggerthat costs around Rs. 8,500. The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro is officially priced at an MRP of Rs. 6,400 for the Indian market, and is available ex-stock. It is presently being distributed in India by Acro Engineering Company.