Samsung 1.4mn Galaxy Tabs

Will continue to dominate
Samsung has managed to sell only 1.4 million Galaxy Tabs since early 2011, a period during which its rival, Apple has sold 34 million iPads, reports the Telegraph. This latest revelation comes from documents presented at a San Jose court in the longstanding Apple vs. Samsung dispute.

The court documents also reveal that since April 2010, Samsung has sold 4.1 million units of its popular S II smartphones, out of 21 million handsets sold to U.S. mobile carriers. In the same period, Cupertino-based Apple has sold a total of 34 million iPads, 62.8 million iPhones and 25.3 million iPod Touches. In all, Apple managed to ship 85.9 million iPhones, 46.6 million iPod Touches and 34 million iPads in the U.S. since 2007. The report points out, "Samsung has preferred to concentrate purely on revenue", and Apple has "occasionally released limited figures previously".Meanwhile, the court documents have thrown light on 'Apple's Damages Per Samsung Product'.This PDF document, among others, lists out the damages that Apple has filed against Samsung, for each device mentioned in the lawsuit.

Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics are two of the better known names in the smart devices arena, and had been friends at one point of time. The two have been embroiled in a legal tangle over a host of unresolved patents since April 2011.

One of the interesting turns in the lawsuit came last month when judge Colin Birss ordered Apple to publish a notice on its U.K. website and in British newspapers, informing consumers that the Galaxy Tab's design had not been copied from the iPad. The court essentially required Apple to highlight its earlier decision, made on July 9, in the notice. Now, as per Fitch Ratings, the decision taken by the British judge is in contrast with that of a US court, wherein it put into effect partial injunctions against the sale of Samsung products in the U.S.

In a shocker of sorts, it has been revealed that Fitch Ratings finds the legal battle between the two giants going on for another 12 months, with over 40 different lawsuits pending with courts across the world. It further pointed out that the latest instance of the London ruling showed how a verdict in one country would not necessarily reflect elsewhere. The Fitch report says, "From a regulatory point of view, Samsung is often "holding the flag" for all the Android OS based smartphone makers. Fitch therefore believes it would be unlikely for the major courts around the world to rule in a manner which bans the Android operating system-based equipment from competing against Apple's devices".