Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive November 18 with new monsters and a big 3D world

In a brief trailer released this morning, Nintendo gave eager Pokémon masters some important details on the forthcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: the games will launch on November 18th; as usual, each game will include a new as-yet-unnamed legendary mascot and new grass-, fire-, and water-type starter Pokémon.


Download YouTube Videos

There's no question that the popular video content Web siteYouTube has caught our attention. Since its launch in 2005, the site has grown to attract more than several hundred million views per day, which is an astronomical number in terms of Web traffic. Whether it's your favorite artist's new music video, instructional videos, video blogs, kittens, funny bloopers or stunts reminiscent of "America's Funniest Home Videos," people seem to like short bursts of entertainment, especially when it's just once click away.


Find the Right Laptop

There are so many choices of laptop computers these days, it's hard to figure out what ones are better. Follow these tips to find the right laptop for you.


Connect Your Computer to Your TV

There's something painfully ironic about sitting on your living room couch, just a few feet away from a beautiful widescreen HDTV, watching a movie on your tiny laptop. Yet this is what most of us do when we download movies or TV shows onto our computers


Selecting a Surround Sound System

If you're a film or music lover, you probably yearn for the crispest, clearest sounds to enhance your audio experience. And with all the recent advancements in technology, there's never been a better time to be an audiophile. If you've got the money to burn, there's a vast array of options at your f­ingertips when it comes to audio systems.


Connect a Turntable to a Laptop

A turntable is a circular revolving plate that supports a record as it's played . Recording from a turntable to a laptop involves connecting the audio output connection on the player to the audio input connection on the computer. You will need a preamplifier before you can connect your turntable to your laptop to ensure decent volume. If you're using a turntable that's part of a stereo stack it will already have a preamplifier. However, if you're using a stand-alone turntable you'll need to purchase a preamplifier, which is also called a receiver.