Ultimate Boot CD For Vista

Ultimate Boot CD For Vista (VistaPE)

VistaPE is based on the kernel of Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. VistaPE uses technology and largely resembles WinPE 2.0 at Microsoft, but has a graphical shell, expanded set of supported devices and functions, and can run almost any Windows program. VistaPE is meant to be a universal tool with the flexibility to grow with your needs. VistaPE can be loaded on regular or crashed systems and allows the user to get full access to all disks in order restoring data, checking for viruses, fixing system boot problems, transferring data onto a network or through the Internet.

VistaPE is a project (set of scripts) for WinBuilder, a scripting and built environment for creating bootable Windows based system. You are free to customize VistaPE in any way you want. All you need for creating your own VistaPE system is a licensed Microsoft Windows Vista installation disk (any edition), or the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK), which is freely available. Please note that some optional parts of VistaPE require files that are only included on the Vista installation media and not in WAIK. Those optional parts are not available when using WAIK as source for building VistaPE.
General functionality
Possibility to fully or partially loading VistaPE at startup into memory (boot.wim)
Support for a big number of SATA/RAID/SCSI/NIC drivers
Capable to read and write on NTFS/FAT32/FAT/Ext2/Ext3 partitions
Full networking support
Automatic hardware detection (PnP)
Booting from CD/HDD/UFD/Network
Compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista
A wide range of programs and shells (Explorer, LiteStep, BS Explorer ...)
No limits regarding the maximum number of open processes
Automatic creation shortcuts for programs
Ability to remove VistaPE boot media while VistaPE is running (using boot.wim)
Full multilanguage support
and many other options.
VistaPE can be downloaded from the website