ViewSonic VX2353mh-LED

Very large HD monitor

ViewSonic VX2353mh-LED Review

ViewSonic is among those few monitor brands in the market, who've grown to become synonymous to the product category. When it comes to large monitors, ViewSonic have received their share of success that prompted them to expand their line-up and introduce the VX2753mh-LED monitor. As the name suggests, this 27-inch LED monitor boasts of full HD features as well.

Can be used in a bookstand configuration
Can be used in a bookstand configuration

Design and Build Quality
When it comes to the design of the ViewSonic VX2353mh-LED, one can expect it to have a dominating appearance, as it features a large, 27-inch display. This monitor is designed for those who have a large workspace and want to view content on a large screen. Like most monitors available in the market nowadays, it is finished in glossy black, too, which gives it a classy appearance. The bezel is not the slimmest that we have seen and it adds to the size of the monitor. This may be a put off for those looking for a minimalistic look on their monitors. Despite being large, the monitor is still an attractive piece of hardware. The only issue in terms of its design is that it has a lot of branding, which may not appeal to some.

The controls are featured on the side with the legends for them located on the bezel at the front. The controls are spaced well, so there is no confusion as to which option needs to be tapped. Connectivity options are featured at the back and though it is a really big monitor, the ports found here are surprisingly less. The display comes with two HDMI ports, a VGA port and audio connectors. The brand has opted out of adding a DVI port on the monitor and this continues to be a growing trend amongst monitors found in the market these days.
Small but sturdy base
Small, but sturdy base

The stand of the monitor, too has the glossy finish and in addition to being attached to the base, it can also be used in a bookstand configuration. The idea behind this is to reduce the space taken up by the monitor, since all one needs to do is attach the stand and view it the way one would view a tablet placed on a stand. The stand is not the sturdiest one available in the market and there is a lot of wobble noticed. If one is interested in swivel on the monitor, then they would need to look elsewhere as this model features only the option to tilt the screen, not rotate it. The base of the monitor is not very large, but it can easily support the VX2753mh-LED. Like the rest of the monitor, it too has a glossy finish which gives it a rich look.

When it comes to the features of the VX2753mh-LED, the features get as good, as it can for a monitor. Coming down to listing the main feature of this model - it is a WLED monitor that supports full HD 1080p resolution content and features an aspect ratio of 16:9. With all forms of videos now being available in the market at this resolution, it is only justified that ViewSonic has added this resolution support to the display. With response time being critical for flat panel displays, ViewSonic has launched this monitor with a crisp response time of 1ms. This feature will be most vital during first person shooter games. The brand have rated the contrast ratio of the monitor at 1200:1. The feature of having a high contrast ratio is that one can get the blackest possible images during dark shots in a movie or game.

Two HDMI ports found at the back
Two HDMI ports found at the back

The onscreen display is not the most flamboyant one there is, but it is a basic one with all the features well streamlined. The interface is well detailed and has options for adjusting the various settings, like contrast, brightness, colour adjustment, manual image adjustment, setup menu and a whole range of other setup options. One can also adjust the OSD position, change the language and adjust various other options as well. Overall, though this is not a very great looking interface, it is very intuitive, allowing one to easily maneuver through it without any difficulty

ViewSonic have added two 2W speakers as well here, allowing the display to fire without the need of additional speakers. However, it is advisable that one should opt for a pair of dedicated speakers that help one enjoy content in its entirety.

To test the performance of the ViewSonic VX2753mh-LED, we calibrated it using the Spyder3 Elite colorimeter. In this test, we observed the contrast ratio of the monitor to be at 791:1. In the advanced analysis, while using Spyder3, we noticed that the maximum deviation from the brightest point, with the centre as a reference, was towards the lower corners of the screen. After calibrating the monitor using the colorimeter, we ran the DisplayMate test to check hues, greys, whites and other performances of it.

Controls located at the side
Controls located at the side

In our DisplayMate test, we observed that greys and whites appeared mostly accurate. However, there was a slight hint of pink in the whites, while the centre bar of the greys had a slightly greenish tinge. While checking the black levels, we observed that they are not the best found on a monitor, as the test showed us that the first four dark grey blocks were washed out. Colours looked natural, but a bit soft, however, this will be good for those wanting to view images on screen accurately and not vibrantly. In the reverse video contrast check, we observed that most colours appeared accurately and the text appeared detailed. The only issue we noticed in this image was that yellow did not appear accurate and it looked very dull. In the dark screen test, we saw that the backlighting was quite bad with there being issues at the top and bottom of the display. Primary colours appeared accurate and there were no issues here. While checking the colour scales test, we noticed that there was no colour bleeding across any of the bars with the seams appearing visible in all colours.
Video playback
The monitor was also tested by playing videos in full HD at 60fps. In the video, we noticed that there was a lot of detail in and the blacks were good. This feature can be really useful, while watching movies with dark scenes. What we did not like was the skin tones and overall colours, as they appeared to be a bit more vibrant than expected. Viewing angles are decent, but not the best. Like is the case with most monitors, one would need to sit directly in front of it to get the best experience of it.
Still Image Quality
We tested the monitor by reviewing a high quality still image and we noticed that the colours rendered well. Hues did not appear too strong and they were pleasing to the eyes. There was a lot of detail noticed as well in all the segments of the image.

Very large HD monitor
Very large HD monitor