10 tips by McAfee to protect internet

10 tips by McAfee to protect internet connected devices

We always spend time researching on which smartphone or tablet would make for a perfect buy. However, an essential element that we tend to overlook, quite often is the security of our devices, even after spending a huge sum purchasing it. With Christmas just around the corner, we are sure the markets have umpteen devices at discounted rates to lure users. If you plan to buy something this Christmas then better look at these 10 tips by McAfee to keep your device safe and secure. The company also claims that the 'McAfee All Access' is a simple and cost effective solution to safeguard your internet connected devices running on different platforms. The McAfee All Access is priced at $99.99 (approx Rs.5,190) for individuals and comes at $149.99 (approx Rs.7,786) for the household version.

“To keep personal information, identities, and money protected throughout the New Year, it’s important for consumers to secure their new devices the moment they begin to set them up,” said Gary Davis, director of global consumer product marketing at McAfee.  “Most consumers now live a multi-device lifestyle, which presents a greater opportunity for cybercriminals to victimize people who leave their new devices such as tablets and smartphones under-protected and at risk.”

Tip 1
Smartphone and tablet owners need to be cautious about the third party apps they download on their devices. So, ensure to read the reviews of users who’ve used these app before and also read the permission conditions carefully. Also, protect your data by taking backups. Opt for mobile malware threat protection that safeguards against viruses and also data loss and theft. 

Tip 2
Apple products are quite popular and a new Apple device should be protected against threats, so ‘transfer your PC best practices to your new Apple product.’ One should consider installing security software that’s been developed for the Mac, as apparently most threats are aimed at it. Apple's new iCloud service offers tools for syncing, backing up and securing data.

Tip 3
PC and netbook users should incorporate comprehensive security software and not just an anti-virus software. It is important to take regular backups. The solution should include real-time anti-virus, a two-way firewall, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and safe search capabilities. Additional protection like anti-spam, parental controls, wireless network protection, and anti-theft protection that encrypts sensitive financial documents could add to the convenience. 

Tip 4
One shouldn’t rely on free security software. Ensure that the software you install isn’t just a trial version and update it further.

Tip 5
One can lose critical data due to hard disk failures, too. So, ensure your security solution provides data back-up and restore feature,s along with advanced protection.

Tip 6
Always use a website safety advisor that alerts about sites which are safe to access and which ones must be avoided at all costs. The McAfee SiteAdvisor software has been included in all its consumer security suites.

Tip 7
One should also beware of scareware or fake antivirus software. Avoid buying antivirus through pop-up ads and opt for a reputed vendor. 

Tip 8
One must educate the family about security issues and also keep a tab on your child’s online activities. You can place the computer in a common area, use web-filtering tools and parental controls.

Tip 9
It is important to protect gaming and entertainment devices like Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and more. These devices are now internet connected, making them vulnerable to threats. It is also important to connect the device to only a secure Wi-Fi network.

Tip 10
We often use portable storage devices for transferring and sharing content. Use secure, encrypted flash drives by buying security for these portable devices and also set a password for additional security.

If you have any further tips to share with our readers, do let us know in the comments section below.