Google manage music licensing

Google acquires RightsFlow to manage music licensing

Google has been on an improvement spree, since quite some time now. It has been frequentlytweaking its products. Now, a post on the YouTube blog disclosed that Google has bought RightsFlow, a start-up based in New York to manage its music licensing. This would further boost YouTube’s productivity. RightsFlow helps manage music rights of songwriters, recording artists, record labels, distributors and online music services.

RightsFlow works at solving the complex issues of licensing and royalty payment management. The blog also said that smart copyright management is essential for online video service as it helps songwriters and performers to be compensated appropriately and also allows using those works in newer ways. RightsFlow acquisition will now bring a team onboard that will manage all the licensing issues for YouTube.

This could possibly mean more music from YouTube is on the way.