Google Maps Can Now Map Indoors

Google Maps Can Now Map Indoors Too

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Google Maps can now indicate your exact location indoors and help you find directions. It indicates your location with a blue dot at an airport, for example.
The details are amazing. Just like when you are at a mall and you see a board standing there indicating where you are that gives you a floor plan of the mall with directions to every shop and entry and exit and the number of floors.
Google Maps shall now be able to do the same for you – in an incredibly interactive way. It can even show you the floor levels. If you are on the 3rd level, it has an indication on that shows you so.

With this new release on Google Maps 6.0 for Android, help is right in your palm.

Google currently uses WiFi and Cell Tower Trangulation techniques; GPS is available only for outdoors. And Google is focusing on getting the floor plans and directions right for now; there will definitely be some more innovative features for Google maps. This trail blazing spirit shall soon encourage other providers to follow suit and integrate indoor maps too. Everyone seems excited to see how this new trend catches on.

Further, a note to Android users – you will be required to update your Google Maps Apps to see the new feature. Google has initially started with the indoor maps of major malls and airports. They shall over time cover as many as possible such public places.  There are a few interesting videos put up by Google of the new interior maps.