HP is going open source

HP is going open source with WebOS

After weeks of figuring just what to do with the WebOS platform that HP had acquired, along with Palm, they've decided the fate of the operating system. They are going to make the code available under an open source license. According to TechCrunch, HP's CEO Meg Whitman sent out a company wide e-mail stating that making WebOS open source, "is the best way to ensure the benefits of webOS are accessible to the largest possible ecosystem." A statement from the company also says that HP will accelerate the the open development of the webOS platform and that they will be an active participant and investor in the project.

What this could mean for the company is staff re-arrangements (among other things), but so far there has been no word on how open-sourcing WebOS will affect employees at HP. Of course, a smaller team than the already small team will be required to man the project. Furthermore, HP will also hasn't released information on how this move will affect their own hardware. The TouchPad, in the meantime, can sill be yours for $99 this Sunday from eBay.