HP launches 'Notebook Projection Companion'

HP launches 'Notebook Projection Companion' portable projector

Compact and functional

Hewlett-Packard has just launched the HP Notebook Projection Companion, a compact mini projector that easily fits into a notebook carrying case. With dimensions of just 3.6 x 1.6 x 4.4 inches and weighing less than a pound, this ultra-portable mini projector is the perfect projection accessory for any notebook PC. It’s priced at Rs.29,990 and should be available across the country.  

Compatible with any notebooks with a VGA connection, this ultra-portable accessory is powerful and durable. Designed for use in smaller settings, the HP Notebook Projection Companion is the ideal notebook accessory for highly mobile users. Based on DLP projection, it features an LED light source with up to 10,000 hours of usage life (up to five years of typical use), thus there are seldom any bulbs to buy or parts to replace