Mini Ninjas coming

Mini Ninjas coming to Google Chrome

Gaming in your browser is not a new concept, but so far most browser games tend to be a little low on visual extravagance. Square Enix however plan on changing that perception by launching Mini Ninjas for Google Chrome, sometime next year.

Released in September 2009, Mini Ninjas was a cute-ish action RPG, where players took control of a Mini Ninja (duh!) who had to put an end to an Evil Samurai Warlord hell bent on transforming docile animals into mindless samurai warriors. The game was developed by IO Interactive, the same company behind the Hitman and the Kane and Lynch series. At this moment, it’s not certain whether IO will be working on the browser version as well, but things should become clearer as the game’s all set to hit an open beta, sometime this month.

According to Game Informer, Square Enix’s head honcho, Yoichi Wada has expressed a ton of interest in browser gaming, so it will be interesting to see what games they plan on bringing to browsers in the near future.