Photo sharing on Gmail

Photo sharing, contact filters part of Google+ integration on Gmail

Team Google's at it again and this time they aimed at making their popular web e-mail service, Gmail usable within Google+, their fairly new social networking platform. An official blog post by Google reveals that now using Gmail will no more be only about composing, receiving emails. Existing Gmail users, who're also on Google+ will now be able to "grow your circles, filter emails and contacts by circles, keep all your contact information up-to-date automatically and share photos to Google+, all right from Gmail and Contacts", as part of a 'soon-to-be-released' update.
Elaborating on this further, Google reveals that now with Google+ integration within Gmail, Google+ users who receive mails from their Gmail contacts, will be able to see the most recent posts they've shared among each other on the right hand side of the conversation. If that contact is not in the user's Google+ circle, then he can add them directly from their Gmail account. 

Using Google+ Circles, users can filter their emails, which will then save them from the headache of scrolling through their mail box looking for a  particular e-mail. Users can view messages, either at once from all their circles or could pick a particular circle and view messages from them. If they choose to, they can have the names of their circles on their mail account, itself. 

Contacts on Google+ can be automatically updated from the users Gmail accounts. This is especially helpful when a particular user's Google+ profile doesn't have much detail, but his Gmail account does; and this also spares the user from the trouble of manually adding each contact detail. If any of these details get update, then the user will get a notification of that, too.

The next update, and perhaps the most interesting one is the ability to share photos on one's e-mail onto their Google+ profiles without having to upload it, separately. The integration allows users to share images with a click. Also, users can choose with which Circle t hey want to share it with.