3G mobile phones

3G mobile phones – Access the internet in faster speed

Within a short span of time, the growth in the mobile phones industry becomes very fast and is out of imagination. The term of “3G” stands for third generation network. This highly astonishing technology gives you a clue of how ably data can be transferred in a few minutes. In fact, the network provider, originally known as Hutchinson 3G was formed in the year 2000 after the UK government had been released five licenses to run the third generation mobile services in the UK. After 3G mobile phones had succeed its network services, network providers like Vodafone, Orange and T-mobile followed to provide 3G network service in 2004. 

The unique capability of 3G enabled mobile phones is the ability of video conferencing with other compatible devices. Moreover, 3G mobile phones network has also offered massive array of exclusive tariff plans that comes with remarkable pricing scheme. Among the various scheme, there is a scheme called “we pay tariff plan”. This plan works on the inspiration when you focus the phone call the network provider will pay you per minute, and they will also pay you for every text you receive.

In reality, 3G enabled mobile phones are highly costly due to its unique capabilities. Today, there are wide array of latest handsets that support 3G technologies and they can also work on 3G networks. The top-leading brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and HTC mobile phones have offered various 3G enabled phones, so that users can take the pleasure of 3G capabilities from their mobile phones. Those handsets that equipped with 3G technologies has applications like map and positioning services, online chat and live feeds of stock market updates. With 3G mobile phones, you can also enable to fully download music tracks, games and access the broadband-like internet.