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It's free. So why not?

Apple will give out a free app a week; App Store will update

The iOS App Store hasn't had an update in a while and certainly needs a redesign. The store now contains over 500,000 apps, but efforts to organize those apps in a newer, better way have largely been in vain. According to Mashable, change is finally coming and it's bringing with it a feature that we've all wanted for years now. iTunes offers a free single every week, which will help you discover new music and the idea would be to buy the rest of the promoted singer's album, if you liked the single. While apps don't belong in 'albums', users have certainly wanted Apple to give out a free app a week. And Apple's doing just that. The Free App a Week is already out (this week it's Cut the Rope: Experiments), and is indicative of other changes to come. You will find the free app in the Featured section, under the New and Noteworthy tab.

Apple has also changed the name of its weekly featured apps to Editors' Choice. Right now, it looks like the Editors' Choice applications are the Facebook Camera App and Extreme Skater. Apple recently purchased a company called Chomp's MO, who might be working with the company to give the App Store a facelift. Chomp MO's motto is "streamlined", something we would guess Apple would very much want for their App Store. The company is likely to unveil a new and improved App Store (if they do) at WWDC, this year.

There are already services out there, like Free App a Day to help you get free apps from the iOS App Store.It looks like Apple finally wants to have control over these services. When regularly paid apps are offered through these free application services, it usually affects the way that the top 25 charts work. Usually the regularly paid app makes it to the free apps charts. This way, Apple might be able to regulate the charts where a normally paid app that's being given away for free can show up in the paid apps charts. Will you download your free app a week? Let us know.