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What is Broadband
Broadband can be described as a way to share information or any chunks of data that lies on the vast network known as the internet.  The term ‘Broadband’ explains the method that is used in conjunction with this data in order for it to be sent and retrieved.  In short and easy terms, you could explain broadband by saying that it was the prime successor of dialup modems.  During the dawn of the internet, where houses were beginning to get connected using first-generation modems, these little box would allow a transfer that varied between a couple of kilobytes per second to around fifty kilobytes per second; with broadband, these transfers can vary from hundreds of kilobytes per second to literally thousands of kilobytes per second.  Seeing the net amelioration in data transfer, it was quite comprehensible that many companies wanted to get control over this new technology.  No single company was able to grab the title of ‘monopoly,’ thus every one of them were able to keep on existing (which could not have beenpossible through a monopoly) and altogether, we can classify this group of companies as the Broadband Marketplace.

What does the Broadband Marketplace do?

An easy way to define a Broadband Marketplace is to think of it as a giant mall where you can go shop for the broadband distributor of your choice, instead of having to deal with a single company that controls all of the market.  A very good point about having a group of providers instead of a single entity is the resulting war that will ensue between them.  Providers will obviously try to get as many subscribers as possible, and to do so, they will have to attract you in any means necessary; this resulting feud means that you can look around for rebates, bonus, referral programs and many innovative market stunts that they will offer, all will be in the customers advantage.  Below, you will see some points that tackle this so-called marketplace, as well as tell you what you should be looking for aside from the cheapest provider available.

Which Broadband Provider is the best?

Sometime, we look at similar products and we make our choice based solely on one aspect, the price.  As far as it goes, selecting the cheapest service is a valid way to pick a provider, but it is probably not the best.

Connection Speed

When you are browsing through websites or downloading content, data packets are transferred from your computer to the location of those packets.  The transfer rate should vary from 256 kilobytes per second to 1.5 megabytes per second and the higher the number is, the better it is for you (while taking in consideration that 1.5Megs is the highest of the two, as it is close to 1500 kilobytes per second.)  As well, some Broadband provider may have a clause in which they reinforce a cap or transfer limit in which you cannot download more than the said limit per month.  Depending on your activities, you may ask tech-savvy friends if the imposed limit of a provider is enough for you.


Just like every other service out there, your internet connection is bound to come face to face with trouble; when those time arise, you will undoubtedly have to call your provider’s customer service.  Be sure that the provider that you select has a good reputation when it comes to customer service, as there’s nothing worst for you than having trouble with your line, and have someone on the tech support that is not being helpful to you.