Conferencing Services in Globalised World

Use of Conferencing Services in Globalised World

Due to globalisation, world's economy has changed drastically and now corporate firms are migrating towards overseas investments to keep pace with the changing trends of market. The main reason behind setting up offices in overseas markets is to keep a strong foothold in the international arena. A multinational company (MNC) can enjoy many tax benefits that are provided by countries across the globe. One such country is Singapore, where foreign investors pay very little taxes, just 17 per cent for 2010-11.

Many prominent American, European and Asian companies have set up their regional headquarters in this South East Asian country. Presently, Singapore has become the hub of major international banks, financial institutions and multinational organisations of the world in the region. In order to maintain close coordination with the regional branches of these institutions, online meetings play an important role, eliminating the need to travel each time. 

Conferencing service providers in Singapore offer a wide variety of webmeeting solutions that allow users to work in a virtual environment that is conducive towards collaboration. The only requirement for any type of virtual meetings is a computer, Smartphone or tablet computers with a high speed Internet connection and a conferencing application or login ID and password. Using these conferencing solutions, users can lower their operational cost by reducing the need to travel, thus enjoying considerable savings.

A virtual meeting is the most cost effective and convenient option that establishes real-time collaboration and promotes quick decision making. These meetings enable users to discuss business plans and agendas easily while eliminating the need of travelling long distances. Moreover, participants can seamlessly transfer files and documents with each other. Web meetings are also convenient and comfortable as participants can take part in these meetings anywhere, any time. 

The most important factor for any business is collaboration with geographically isolated colleagues, associates and experts. In order to take any type of decision, it is important that all the participants agree and share their ideas. Various applications are available with conferencing service providers that help in sharing information as effectively as it is done in conventional meetings, such as a whiteboard. A web meeting application also provides provision of private chatting between individual participants at the time of the meeting. This facility enables users to maintain and discuss any topic without interrupting the event.

There are several conference service providers that are engaged in offering international conferencing service to corporate firms based in Singapore. These solution providers offer applications that are installed with several advanced features. Therefore, users can transfer the moderator privileges or record the event to suit their requirements, to name a few. Webcasting service enables participants to record the meeting for future reference as well.

For any type of international conferencing service, no software is required to be installed by moderators and participants. In addition, this easy-to-use application can easily be accessed from almost all web browsers without any plug-ins. These are also completely secure, as the service provider encrypts the solutions as per the highest security protocol. Moreover, provision of 24/7 local language support is also available to the moderator of the meeting.

Owing to such beneficial features of virtual meetings, Singaporean corporate firms are extending their business beyond limited geographical boundaries.