good supplement during a Juice Fast

Why do you need a good supplement during a Juice Fast?

Juice fasting is a great way to cleanse your system and is a wonderful way to revitalize your body. Juice fasting consists of not eating solid foods for 3, 5,7,10 or even more days in a row. I like to start with the 3 day juice fast for those of you that have never done a juice fast

Juice fasting has been proven to cure diseases, cleanse the colon, heal sore muscles, cure back problems, and make the human body heal itself. It was actually prescribed before modern medicine. Why do you think we drink so many fluids and avoid solid food when we are sick? This allows our body to use the energies that it usually uses for digestion to concentrate on healing parts of the body that need healing. A juice fast does the same thing. 

Now it isn't as easy as going out and buying juice at the store and only drinking it. Juices bought at your local grocery store are processed and usually from concentrate. This means they contain a lot on toxins that will not help the body. You will need to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to be juiced. You don't necessarily need to own a juicer, but it is definitely a helpful tool. The first juice fast I ever did I just used a blender because I didn't have enough extra money to afford a juicer. It worked, but I would never give up my juicer now.

While doing a juice fast it is very important to get the nutrients you need into your body. It is very unhealthy if you don't. You will want to get the following things before you try a juice fast:

1. A juicer or blender
2. A good whole food vitamin supplement (I recommend The Greatest Vitamin in the World)
3. Plenty of green vegetables
4. Plenty of fresh fruits
5. A list of juice recipes (can be found online just do a search)
6. Plenty of spring water
7. A lot of will power

These things are vital to your success. You will want to avoid the typically multi-vitamin as your supplement because they are not made from whole foods and most contain things that don't support the body. I recommend The Greatest Vitamin in the World. It is a very complete whole vitamin and it isn't very expensive for what you get. 

Some of the side effects you may experience at the beginning of your juice fast are: headaches, diarrhea, hunger pangs, slight dizziness, and fatigue. These will pass. You should make time for an hour nap during the day and make sure to get regular sleep at night. The first and second days are the toughest, but once you get to the third day you will start to experience an energy boost and a great feeling of refreshment. 

If you get too hungry to where you think you might give in eat a small piece of fruit and make sure to chew really well. This will cure your craving for food and won't take away from your fast too much. 

Make sure that when you break your fast you don't go out and just eat a huge greasy meal. Break it slowly over two days and start working your body back into solid foods. Continue to drink your daily juices, but add in some fruits and vegetables along with whole wheat or spinach pasta with fresh vegetables cooked in extra virgin olive oil. This will allow your body to adjust slowly. Make sure to chew really well so that your digestive system can handle it.

Juice fasting is a very safe way to change your health and begin replacing bad eating habits with good eating habits. After your fast you will begin to have less cravings for bad foods and you will be able to eat better. This will make you feel better each day and you will be able to move on with a healthier, happier life.