Secure Your Computer

How to Secure Your Computer

According to a Software security and Antivirus company Symantec; it only takes 20 minutes for an unprotected computer to be attacked once it gets connected with the internet. Computer security cannot be compromised because if your computer is insecure then all your data, software and hardware are at risk. There are several methods that are used to combat with the security threats. The known threats to a computer are viruses, spyware, adware, malware, Trojan horses, internet security threats, accidental files deletion and data corruption, unauthorized access to compute and the hackers’ attacks. Following tips tells that how to deal with the computer security threats.

Install Up-to-dated Antivirus Program

One of the most important security step and preventive measure is to install an up-to-dated antivirus program and scan your computer regularly with it. An antivirus programs acts as protective shield for your computer against the virus, spyware and other internet threats.

Install Firewall

A firewall is a protective boundary that protects your computer from the unauthorized access and from the hackers’ attacks. If you haven’t enabled a firewall software or hardware on your gateway computer then anyone can get into your computer.

Install Anti spyware

Installing a good anti spyware program eliminates the chances of data corruption, Windows registry corruption, slow computer booting, browser’s hijack and applications failure. The combination of Antivirus + Anti Spyware + Firewall program is a very good choice. 

Update your operating system with service packs and patches

Services packs and the security patches fix the security holes and other vulnerabilities in the operating systems. If you are using Windows based operating system then there is automatic update option in the control panel of the Windows and you can set schedule updates of the operating system from the Microsoft’s website.

Beware of suspicious emails and attachments

Suspicious emails and email attachments is a very common cause of the viruses. The best safety measures it not to open the suspicious emails from the unknown source.

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

For getting the optimized performance from your computer, uninstall all the unwanted programs and delete temporary internet files. You will notice increased performance of your computer.

Deploy Encryptions

Another important security measure is to prevent your important files with the encryption. Also for protecting your important data from accidental deletion, make your files to read only.

The above mentioned tips provide the best safeguard against the known offline and online threats.