Animals in Kenya

Kenya animals 
One of the opportunities going on safari presents is that of taking pictures of wildlife. Lots of visitors are able to capture some the most outstanding pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and of course it is.

Looking at the zebra across the page the picture tells it all. Pictures covered on safari can be sold, used during lessons in schools by advertisers or just displayed inn your house to capture the memory. When taking a safaris please invest in good camera as these moments with animals is worth remembering. it is like being one with nature.

on another note last night i had been stuck on the road from the maasai mara ,the notoriously bumpy road. We had just passed Narok and were heading to Suswa town when the traffic jam was overwhelming. I had never imagined there could be heavy traffic in the bush. It was easter and a lot of people decided to take time off and venture into the wild.

Lots of trucks ferrying tourists to and from mara were stuck to. It had rained and the usually dusty road was reduced to mud. We eventually got out of the chaos after a couple of hours. The fun was worth the pain. Next time you travel to Africa do not track time to carefully you never know what to expect.