Ezines what are they?

Ezine is the term that is given to an online magazine. It is a tool that is used to communicate the same information that you would find in magazines but only these are published across the Internet. 

Ezines can be found on websites or, most commonly, through emails. The way in which you get Ezines emailed to you is by visiting what is known as a directory. This directory will hold Ezines from across a vast amount of subject areas, from these directories you can then subscribe to as many Ezines as you want. Once you are subscribed you will receive these Ezines every month or week, depending on how often they are produced.

If you Google search your favourite phrase you are more than likely going to find on Ezine that has been wrote about it. Ezines are usually free and there are thousands available across a wide range of subject areas, however in order for people to subscribe to an Ezine they need to have been written to a high content quality.

The reason as to why people will subscribe to an Ezine is if they need advice or information on a certain topic or if they require the need to research that particular subject area. 

Ezines began back in the 1980’s, with an Ezine called Cult of the Dead Cow claiming to be the first Ezine to have been produced back in 1984. This claim is however highly debatable. In the 1990’s Ezines developed further in the sense that they began adapting to interactive qualities of the Internet instead of merely duplicating magazine subscriptions on the net. 

Ezines are helpful to both the reader and the producer. To create an Ezine you don’t have to be a writer, you simply just have to hold the correct knowledge about a certain subject area. It is important to ensure that the information that you are writing about is accurate if you wish for people to keep their subscriptions and to possibly subscribe to more of your work in the future. They can also bring more traffic to your website as Ezines can be used as an excellent marketing tool; all you need to do is include a link at the end of your Ezine that takes the reader to your website. Ezines are helpful to the reader in the sense that they provide you will all of the information that is needed on a particular topic, whether it is merely for hobby or a research project. 

This form of virtual marketing can be an effective method of promotion; this promotion can be for a product, service or simply to bring more traffic to your website. You should bare in mind however that building up a strong readership to an Ezine can be difficult just as it can be with building up a readership to a printed magazine. 

Ezines are a productive method that can be used by just about anyone; they are fast, accurate and up-to-date. They can provide you as a reader with all of the information that you could possibly need on a particular subject and as a writer they are a great way to not only promoting your website but also promoting yourself as a writer.