Travel Discover Kenya

Imagine arriving somewhere and receiving a warm welcome, getting an unforced hospitality, quite diginity, intelligent conversation and a friendly atmosphere all around you. All this in a landscape sculpted by God with Vast Wildernesses, Savannah grasslands rich with big game, equatorial forest, Great Rift Valley lakes team with birds and Fish, soaring snow capped mountain peaks on the equator, Searing desert and cool highland retreats, coral reef and perfect beaches.Wellcome KENYA

Kenya has been endowed with all what a visitor need to see and do as they relax and unwind in natural surrounding. From Nairobi the capital city set on some rolling hills, fertile highlands, natural forests rich with birdlife, and a National park teaming with wildlife all within the city.

The snow capped Mountain peaks float high over the Laikipia plains right on the equator. The Kikuyus who live here called it Kirinyaga(the Mountain of God) a series of ascending ecologies, from thick montane forest full of game to high alpine.From the from the summit, if you are fit enough to get there you enjoy a place of majesty and mystery, a mountain worthy conquering.

The awe inspiring Great rift valley a landmark visible from space bisect Kenya from north to south, is best known for producing medium and long distances runners, a place where the world serious athletes come to train at high altitude and are routinely overtaken on practice by little girls late for school. Here a string of volcanoes and lakes each spectangular and unique scuttles the whole length from the hot springs of Lake Bongolia to the spectacular ocean of Pink where it seems every flamingo on the earth is. The rift valley is also home to some of Kenya famous parks of Maasai Mara and Amboseli and most likely the site of the biblical Garden of Eden within the 3 million year old Koobi Fora a palaeontological site on the shoes of lake Turkan first discovered by Dr.Richard Leakey and his team in 1972.

Kenya's beautiful coastline is world famous, and acts as the perfect complement to the rigours and exhilaration of safari days. The series of palm-fringed beaches that stretch the length of the coast are of picture-postcard quality. It offers a combination of historical sites, and superb beaches and coral reefs, of which Ernest Hemmingway once wrote rare completely unmatched in the world. The Kenya Coast can be divided into four main regions: The town and port of Mombasa; the South Coast stretching from Mombasa to the Tanzania border, the North Coast covering the beaches from Mombasa to Kilifi; and finally Watamu, Malindi and the Lamu archipelago.