Facebook launches

Share your stories here

Facebook already has its Facebook stories app, and now it extends the experience further by launching the This new portal is meant to encourage people to share the most extraordinary stories to Facebook fiends across the world. So, if you’ve got a thought-provoking story just bring it on, after all Facebook is all about sharing and celebrating thoughts and of course each one is entitled to one's opinion.

The Facebook page says that there will be a theme for each month so that stories related to the theme can appear instead of some random ones. “The first theme is "Remembering" and includes the story of Mayank Sharma, a man from New Delhi who lost his memory after contracting meningitis. Sharma rediscovered his friend network with "People You May Know" on Facebook, helping him to recover some of the experiences he lost,” reveals the Facebook page.

You will also see some regular features for being introduced each month. Bookshelf will offer a Goodreads list of books that will help you explore each month’s theme. “For August, author Joshua Foer shares some titles that helped him hack his memory en route to winning the U.S. Memory Championship, an experience chronicled in his 2011 book, Moonwalking with Einstein,” says Facebook. Then, the playlist uses Spotify which allows seeing various genres of music curated by inspiring artists. The Reading List gives users exclusive access to the archives of some of the world's best storytellers such as The New Yorker.

While Facebook clearly mentions that the site is to share the extraordinary, quirky and thought-provoking stories and ideas of the 955 million people around the world who make up Facebook's community, a recent report points out that 8.7 percent of Facebook accounts are fake. In its 10-Q filing that Facebook made public this week, it revealed that 8.7 percent, or 83.09 million accounts, on the social networking site are fake. This number marks a huge leap from the number of fake accounts that Facebook made public in March - between 42.25 million and 50.70 million. Facebook, according to this report, is being more transparent about what fake accounts it is targetting. Earlier Facebook listed only two categories of fake accounts - duplicate users and false users. It has now recategorised them into duplicate accounts (4.8 percent), misclassified accounts (2.4 percent), and undesirable accounts (1.5 percent).

Another latest news about Facebook revolves around its Timeline feature launched last year. From August 8, switching to the Timeline style of profile will become compulsory for all Facebook users. As per reports, before the scheduled switch happens, users are shown a preview of their profile pages. So far users had the option of choosing between the Timeline and the older format, as per their liking. That, however is set to change with the Timeline being made compulsory now.