WebsiteDefender of Bitdefender and Acunetix

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itdefender, provider of Internet security solutions, has announced that it has teamed up with Acunetix, developer of leading website security scanning software, to protect users of WebsiteDefender by having their website scanned by Bitdefender's comprehensive malware detection technology.

With approximately 3 million reported incidents of web malware discovered daily, more AND MORE people are turning to WebsiteDefender. WebsiteDefender is an online service that scans websites for malware, monitors for web vulnerabilities and provides automated daily backups. This helps prevent websites getting hacked or blacklisted by Google.

Bitdefender's malware technology is one of the most robust and comprehensive within the website security industry. By checking the website with Bitdefender anti-malware technology, WebsiteDefender users now have additional website security and peace of mind.

"Our partnership with Bitdefender will allow us to offer a complete malware scanning solution within WebsiteDefender, an industry first. Coupled with its innovative backup feature, WebsiteDefender provides malware detection and easy removal. WebsiteDefender further establishes itself as the leading website security monitoring service, allowing users to secure their web presence against malware and hackers without the need for advanced security know-how," said Nick Galea, CEO at Acunetix.

"We are confident that a multiple award-winning technology with a long-standing tradition in leading the way in terms of proactive data protection is a strong asset for any WebsiteDefender user," said Peter Laakkonen, General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing at Bitdefender. "This partnership is an excellent addition to the Bitdefender OEM portfolio that caters to all website owners' data security and business protection needs."

Bitdefender had released a tool in June that finds and removes the Flamer attack toolkit, known as one of the most dangerous spy tool discovered yet. Flamer, or Flame as we have known it, is called the Skywiper, and capable of stealing data, copying passwords, recording voice conversations, creating screen captures, and even probing Bluetooth devices near the infected computer. It can even spread through local networks or through removable drives like USB drives.

"Flamer is the scariest cyber espionage tool we've yet seen. It goes places where other spyware doesn't go, retrieves information others don't retrieve, and ensures the infected computer has no privacy whatsoever,"said Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Researcher at Bitdefender. "Luckily, the Bitdefender removal tool makes it easy to eliminate from your computer."

Flamer is not a single spy tool and is said to be an entire toolbox. In file size, it is one of the biggest attack tools ever. The Flame virus was identified by the Kaspersky Labs. The virus is capable of copying whatever you enter on the keyboard and view on the computer screen. On infecting a system, Flame begins with its set of complex operations, which is inclusive of sniffing the network traffic, taking screenshots, recording audio conversations, intercepting the keyboard, and even monitoring the display. The information is then sent to a network of command-and-control servers located in many different parts of the world.