Sony Xperia T specs (white, unlocked)

Sony Xperia T
With just two announcements at CES and two more at Mobile World Congress, Sony hasn't exactly buried us in new smartphones this year. But considering that the company enjoys big showcase events at tech trade shows, we also weren't surprised that it used IFA to introduce a few more.
Joining the Xperia Tablet S on the Berlin stage were the new Xperia T, V, and J Android handsets. Though the devices look largely alike, they run the gamut in power and features, with the T out in front, the V in the middle, and the J bringing up the rear. As such, it's the T that's the most exciting of the three and the one I'll talk about here. Oh, and by the way, Sony played a clip from the upcoming James Bond movie "Skyfall" when presenting the Xperia T. No, the phone won't open a safe or shoot a poison dart, but it will play a starring role in Daniel Craig's hand.


Manufacturer                               Sony
Part Number                                XPERIATWHTULK

Product Type                          Smartphone
Width                                        2.65 in
Depth                                        0.37 in
Height                                       5.09 in
Weight                                      4.9 oz
Body Color                              White

Service Provider                       Unlocked
Operating System                     Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Clock Speed                              1.5 GHz

Diagonal Size                             4.55 in