The New Jersey

New Jersey has more than ten garden clubs and some state associations with two large community gardens, Greater Newark Conservancy and Denville community garden. In New Jersey you just have to look around you will find lot of garden museums, bird sanctuaries, historical garden sites and many arboretums. New Jersey is popular for its farming. The state has more than 10,000 farms which consist of 800,000 acres of farm land. New Jersey is the leading state in the production of many agriculture goods like corn, blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, hay, potato, black pepper and peaches.New Jersey is also very famous for its wines and different kind of fruit wines. More than three dozen wine manufacturing companies are working in New Jersey and they are generating lot of revenue for there state.

New Jersey is extensively covered in forests and parks. In fact, more than 50% of the state is still covered with trees. Nowadays the state of New Jersey strongly pushes for the protection of wildlife, resources and natural trees. The most popular hobby of New Jerseyans is gardening. The state is also very popular for its master gardening programs at the University of Rutgers. This gardening program has been very beneficial in order to get people more excited about landscaping and gardening. New Jersey is one of the best places of United States to live in. There are very reasons to line in New Jersey. The first one is its low crime rate. It is a very safe place to live because its crime protection and law enforcement services are extremely active and well responding. New Jersey is also one of the top states of America which provides best health care facilities. The residents of New Jersey have access to some of the best doctors and hospitals of the world. The state of New Jersey is ideal for those persons who love entertainment.

Because of its small size it is very easy for most of the residents to get access to worlds top casinos. The major entertainment venues of New Jersey are broad walk, Hall in the Atlantic City and hotel casinos. We may be not wrong if we say that New Jersey is the magnet for world class entertainment. There are two NFL teams, one NHL and one NBA teams of New Jersey. New Jersey is also a great place for beach camping. There are various places to enjoy camping in New Jersey. There are many beaches in the state which are loaded with many attractions.The most famous camping location of the state is Camp May. It is known as the nation’s oldest seaside port. In Camp May you will find more than 30 miles of clean beach that makes it a perfect place for camping. Camp May is a perfect place for family as well as couple camping. The other famous beaches of New Jersey are Historic cold spring village, the Wildwoods and Fortes cue state marina.