LG 42PA4500 Review

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Whether you enjoy watching sports, action movies, comedy TV shows or anything else, the LG 42PA4500HDTV will give you the experience you desire. It is built to create the best possible picture and give you more enjoyment than you can possibly imagine from your television. Packed with plenty of smart technology, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Models in series (details)

  • LG 42PA4500 (reviewed)    42 inches
  • LG 50PA4500                            50 inches



The TV is only 0.59 inches thick, which allows you to mount it on a wall in nearly any room. The slim profile allows for easy viewing from nearly any angle and also contributes to the energy saving technology built into this TV. You won’t have the distraction of a wide frame and viewing any show, movie or sporting event, as a group, becomes much easier.

Key TV features
  • Display technology                        Plasma
  • LED backlight                                N/A
  • Screen finish                                Glossy
  • Remote                                        Standard
  • Smart TV                                         No
  • Internet connection                         N/A
  • 3D technology                                 N/A
  • D glasses included3                 No
  • Refresh rate(s)                         60Hz
  • Dejudder (smooth) processing No

Picture Quality
If you don’t want to deal with streaky action during the big game or slow video game refresh rates, you need a TV that can deliver quality. This LG TV will give you a fast refresh rate and will eliminate any motion blur you might experience. You will be shocked at how sharp the picture is and how well built this TV is.

With the fast refresh rate, ultra slim design and automatic picture adjustment, you get the best possible picture no matter what you are watching. Fast action no longer blurs and you no longer have to worry about whether others can see the TV from any angle. The TruSlim Frame gives this TV a small profile that can be viewed from nearly any angle.

The automatic picture adjustment will help give you the right light for any conditions. With intelligent sensor technology, the picture is automatically optimized for the color and lighting conditions. You will discover a better viewing experience and you don’t have to break your budget to get the latest picture technologies from a TV.

Energy Star Qualified
Gaining the benefits of an Energy Star quality TV will give you, the ability to watch all the TV you want while conserving energy. Compared to most conventional Plasma TVs, the LG 42PA4500 TV uses far less energy. It adheres to all the guidelines of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

This TV will actually save energy while in standby and also while active. It uses about 30% less energy than standard units, which can help you on your energy bill, along with helps save the environment. This LG TV is considered to be Wise, but not wasteful and will help you save both money and energy compared to other choices.

Comparison models (details)

  • Samsung PN51E550        51-inch plasma
  • Panasonic TC-P50U50        50-inch plasma
  • Sony KDL-46EX640        46-inch, LCD
  • Panasonic TC-P50X5        50-inch plasma
  • LG 50PA6500                        50-inch plasma
  • Samsung PN51E450        51-inch plasma

Bottom line
The LG 42PA4500 TV is a quality unit with many great features. It may not be the best choice out there, but for the price, it is definitely worth every penny. If you can afford to spend more than $750 on a TV, this might not be the right choice for you, but if not, it is a great upgrade from any LCD unit or any older Plasma.

You will get a sharp image with great features to automatically calibrate your picture. This TV is easy to operate and you will be able to enjoy any program you choose with the incredible image and the slim profile.

Saving energy is one of the biggest pros of the LG 42PA4500 TV, but it’s not the only thing that this TV provides. You get a beautiful picture with the quality you desire. It doesn’t matter what you watch or where you place the TV, the automatic setting will adjust the picture, so that you always get an amazing picture no matter what.

The best part about this TV has to be the super-fast refresh rate, which allows you to watch fast action in a way you have never seen it before. No more blur from sporting events or video games as this TV will refresh fast and eliminate the blur. With all the smart technologies combined, you get a great picture for a price you can afford.


One of the major cons about this unit is that it’s not 1080p. However, if you have never experienced 1080P or you cannot afford to spend the money, it takes to get 1080P; this is a close second in quality. Some may also find the fact that this is a Plasma and not an LED to be a con, but others will prefer the quality picture they get from the Plasma unit.
Overview    Specifications   Price