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Panasonic's plasmas. No matter whether you pay $700 for a U50 or $3,700 for a VT50, our tests and observations have demonstrated that models across the entire range are the televisions to buy at their respective prices. But cracks had to appear somewhere, and in the Panasonic X5, they have. This is the only Panasonic plasma I don't recommend. In fact, much like many of the company's LCD and LED TVs, I encourage you to actively avoid it.
The X5 smacks of an effort to simply fill in a price point, and quality has ultimately suffered. While there are no features to speak of -- this is to be expected at the entry level -- it's the picture quality that lets it down. Black levels are fairly average, but shadow detail would be good if shadows weren't so green. There is a green cast to everything that makes skin tones in particular look very sickly. This TV is unfortunately the opposite of accurate -- if you only watch rain forest documentaries, it might be fine, but for everyone else this is a pretty disappointing TV compared with other cheap alternatives like the Samsung PNE450.

Models in series (details)
Panasonic TC-P42X5                                  42 inches
Panasonic TC-P50X5 (reviewed)               50 inches

The Panasonic X5 follows the family line pretty closely in terms of design. The only difference between it and the U50 is the lack of a silver strip along the bottom. Otherwise what you get is a TV with a glossy black bezel and a rectangular, nonswiveling stand. If you're wall-mounting the TV, you may notice it is noticeably thicker than its competition -- 3 inches versus 2.5 for the LG PA4500, for example.
The remote control that ships with the unit is a good size and reasonably ergonomic with enlarged volume and channel buttons.
The menu system may look like the typical Panasonic offering but with one major flaw -- the first option in the Picture submenu is "Reset to defaults," and it's incredibly easy to accidentally click. I did so seven or more so times during calibration, resetting all my changes to zero, and found it infuriating.

  • 600Hz Sub-field Drive
    Panasonic uses its own unique image-analysis technology. This technology converts the motion in each scene into data, and each frame is virtually displayed in a shorter length of time, to create crisp images
    • * When using Cinema mode
  • Viewing Angle Free
    Self-illuminating plasma displays can be viewed from anywhere in the living room without any color fading, so images are always clear and beautiful. Each pixel appears exactly the same, so there is no difference in colors even when viewed from an angle
    • * Measured using an index for evaluating color viewing angles developed by the Advanced PDP Development Center Corporation (APDC). This ensures that you will enjoy exceptional viewing quality even in the largest living rooms
  • Game Mode
    Games are much more fun when there's no lag in operation. VIERA automatically chooses settings that provide the optimal image, so you get super-fast response and no delays. Even dark scenes with delicately rendered details are beautiful and easy to see. Game mode makes all of the game apps on VIERA Connect even more fun to play
  • Media Player
    Simply insert an SD Memory Card or USB memory stick into the slot to enjoy previously saved photos, video clips and music on VIERA's large screen. You can also add frames and other effects to your photos and videos, and create slide shows complete with background music. A wide variety of formats are supported, so you can listen to PC-based music files and web movies right on your TV
    • * Applicable formats vary depending on the mode
  • Mercury and Lead Free
    Panasonic is committed to making our products more friendly to the environment. In line with this commitment, all VIERA plasma display panels are free of both lead and mercury. This reduces the impact on the environment years down the road when the TV is recycled or retired from use
  • Long Panel Life
    One important way consumers can protect the environment is by choosing high-quality products and taking care of them so they last for a long time. A high-quality VIERA HDTV can help. Thanks to a newly designed phosphor process and rear panel process, our plasma panels last for up to 100,000 hours before the brightness decreases by half. That's more than 30 years of viewing 8 hours a day
Key TV features

  • Display technology    Plasma
  • LED backlight    N/A
  • Screen finish    Glossy 
  • Remote    Standard
  • Smart TV    No
  •  Internet connection    No
  • 3D technology    N/A 
  • 3D glasses included    No
  • Refresh rate(s)    60Hz
  •  Dejudder (smooth) processing    No
  • DLNA-compliant    No 
  • USB    Photo/Music/Video
  • Other    SD card slot

Comparison models (Details)

  • Samsung PN51E550                          51-inch plasma
  • Panasonic TC-P50U50                      50-inch plasma
  • Sony KDL-46EX640                           46-inch, LCD
  • LG 50PA6500                                     50-inch plasma
  • LG 42PA4500                                     42-inch plasma
  • Samsung PN51E450                         51-inch plasma